In Office Dental Lab - City Smiles DC

About Our In Office Dental Lab

At City Smiles DC we offer same day restorations using the CEREC® technology we have in our prestigious dental lab. With our CEREC® machine, we are able to scan a patient’s mouth and construct brand new ceramic dental crowns within our office without ever having to send anything away to an off-site laboratory. The CEREC® Machine enables us to make dental implants within our office as well. The average appointment time for one tooth is around an hour and half, and two hours for two teeth. Dr. Ross' skill allows him the ability to complete six veneers in just six hours. The other added benefit is our in office dental lab, which allows you to leave the same day with a brand new smile. There's no need for impressions and a second apt two weeks later! You will also get a choice of color, shape, and length when selecting your veneers to ensure you love your same day smile.

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