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City Smiles DC same-day ceramic veneers are perfect for correcting teeth that are worn, misaligned, crowed, off color, or crowded in your mouth.

Dr. Ross molds a cement-like substance for bonding and contouring on the tooth, like molding clay, that can be shaped to make the tooth whole again.

Using Invisalign Orthodontics, you can ensure good oral health and jaw comfort by correcting the position of the teeth for a straighter smile.

Same-day smile makeovers utilize the technology of in-office CEREC restoration manufacturing to give patients a customized renovation in one visit.

A smile makeover is a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures based on the patient’s needs and concerns to achieve a more attractive smile.

You can easily have a pearly-white smile with our in-office whitening applications, and at-home teeth whitening kits available at City Smiles DC.

Implant Supported Bridges are proven to be the strongest, healthiest, reliable and aesthetically pleasing treatment

A dental bridge is a CEREC prosthetic placed in a gap in the teeth that is surrounded by 2 or more crowns to reinforce and stabilize the bite.

CEREC crowns restore teeth’s shape, size, and strength by covering the visible portions of the teeth or implants with tooth-colored ceramics.

Restoring teeth that no longer qualify for crown or bridge, may be best serviced with implants to rejuvenate the small and replace missing teeth.

Our office offers both in-office and dental laboratory repairs for denture issues including re-alignment, tightening, tooth replacement, and more.

When patients have tooth decay that needs more help than a filling, but less coverage than a crown, inlays and onlays repair and restore tooth damage.

Dr. Ross can surgically prepare your jaw surgically to hold a dental implant with a bone graft if the base of your jaw bone has atrophied.

Regularly scheduled dental cleanings and hygiene visits will ensure that your natural teeth are well-maintained and will last for as long as possible.

Give your teeth a protective barrier against plaque, tartar, and bacterial infections with dental sealant applied to the teeth to prevent cavities.

Protect your teeth from weakened dental enamel and tooth decay with preventative treatments of fluoride after your professional dental cleaning.

Using the advanced VELscope® technology, we can check your soft, oral tissues for disease, cancer, and pre-cancer in a 2-minute screening with light.

You may have an infection inside a painful tooth, and our dentist can remove the infected pulp to save your tooth with a root canal.

Simple or surgical tooth extractions involve the removal of a tooth that has severe decay, an infection, or is causing tooth impaction (wisdom teeth).

Tooth-colored fillings look natural, and stop tooth decay (cavities) in their tracks to prevent the damaging decay from spreading to other teeth.

Bad breath therapy, the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth, will help with the strong odors in your mouth when you suffer from halitosis.

We perform our periodontal laser therapy to remove tooth decay, treat gum disease, and biopsy abnormal tissues for diagnosis of oral pathologies.

A soft tissue graft, or gum grafting, introduces new tissue to the receded gum area by surgically applying it to the needed area for healthy gums.

Scaling and root planing involves a deep cleaning and inspection to assess your oral health and determine your risk for periodontal disease.

We can do an in-depth analysis for many different jaw disorders, occlusal issues, over and/or under bites with our bite analysis at City Smiles DC.

A digital impression is the same as a dental mold but in digital form, and Dr. Ross scans your teeth to make a 3D model of your teeth and jaws.

With the Sirona GALILEOS® machine, we can produce a 360º oral scan of your facial bones, teeth, and gums in a 3D oral image for your treatment plan.

Digital X-rays make it easier for Dr. Stuart Ross to pinpoint your problem areas, from tooth decay, pockets, wisdom teeth, loosening teeth, and more.

Using an IV for intravenous sedation allows us to control the amount of sedation delivered to our patient for a calm, anxiety-free procedure.

We provide nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas, to qualifying City Smiles DC patients to ease anxiety and decrease pain during treatment.

Patients, who are afraid of needles, prefer oral-conscious sedation (swallowing a few pills) to intravenous sedation, which is less stressful.

To protect your teeth at night, wear a custom night guard to protect your teeth as you sleep, so you don’t subconscious grind or clench your teeth.

At City Smiles DC, we can customize an oral appliance for you to be used at night to improve oxygen flow, lessen snoring, and help sleep apnea.

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