Meet Dr. Ross of City Smiles DC

Dr. Ross welcomes you to his dental practice in Washington DC


Dr. Ross: I have loved being a dentist. It's been a wonderful, wonderful profession for me. When you change someone's smile, so for instance, there's spaces in the teeth or they're dark or they're damaged and they don't look the way they want to. And to be able to change that in a day's time for somebody and to have them walk out with a smile they've always dreamed of having is like a lightbulb's running through them. It makes life the way they've always wanted it and so they just great when that happens. 

I'm Stuart Ross, the dentist here at City Smiles DC. And it's been the job that I've had for the last 40 years, it's been a wonderful position to have and we're looking forward to taking care of you.