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Where Should You Start When Making Dental Goals for Yourself?

Posted on 10/30/2019 by City Smiles DC
Where Should You Start When Making Dental Goals for Yourself? Just like New Year's resolutions, making dental goals for yourself can be hard to commit to. On top of that, it can be difficult to stick them. Like any goal, it's important to remember the reasons you are doing it to ensure you stick to it long term. When you begin practicing your new oral health plan. Set out knowing that there are going to be days it will be easy to revert to old habits. Below you will find a starting point that should keep you on a new path.

Finding Your Starting Place

The most effective place to start your dental goals is at our office for a check-up and cleaning. If your dental care has been sporadic, it's important to have your teeth cleaned if plaque, tarter, and any other bacteria to give you a fresh start. If it has been a really long time since you have visited the dentist it may be best to receive a deep cleaning.

New habits Start to Form

Invest in an ADA recommended electric toothbrush. They remove far more bacteria than a standard one. Get yourself some floss or even floss picks, they are easier to get into hard to reach places. Lastly, some fluoride mouthwash. Your new habits will include brushing in the morning and flossing at night before brushing again. Brush for at least two minutes those two periods each day followed by using the mouthwash for a minimum of 30 seconds. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes. They can be hard on your enamel and also weaken any fillings you may have. Following that system, you will protect your mouth from not only cavities, but from developing any forms of gum disease. See our office every 6 months for checkups and cleanings. Call today to get scheduled in starting a new approach to your oral care. Be sure to ask us at your next visit about same-day teeth whitening procedures as well.  After working so hard to clean up your teeth, it only makes sense to bleach out any remaining stains and blemishes.

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