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Systemic Infections That Could Develop as a Result of Poor Oral Health

Posted on 11/20/2019 by City Smiles DC
Systemic Infections That Could Develop as a Result of Poor Oral HealthIt should be a high priority on everyone's list, to maintain good oral health and take care of their gums, and teeth. Doing so can prevent halitosis (Bad breath), decaying teeth, and even gum disease.

Maintaining good oral hygiene also allows you to maintain strong and healthy teeth as you grow older. One of the other significant advantages, according to extensive research on the subject, is prevention of medical diseases and systematic infections such as heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes.

Because the risks for contracting systemic infections and chronic illnesses grows with each new study and research that becomes available, it is important that you understand and take precautions to maintain good oral health.

Conditions that Cause Poor Oral Health

Your mouth is an overall glimpse into what might be going on with the rest of your body and health and serves as a very unique perspective to identify early warning signs and symptoms of systemic illnesses and disease. Systemic illnesses are those that affect your whole body, not just certain parts of it. Some of these include HIV/AIDS, diabetes and more. All of the symptoms start in the mouth, with lesions or other health problems.

Typically, mouth bacteria do not enter your bloodstream, but even just normal brushing and flossing, while suffering from gum disease, can provide an unsuspecting entry way for microbes to enter into the bloodstream and compromise normal defense mechanisms.

Schedule a consultation with one of our dental professionals and we can collect a sample of your saliva and test it for any number of substances and diseases. Left untreated, infections can result in any number of systemic illnesses and can include tooth loss. Remember, a visit to our office is merely an investment in ensuring good oral and body health, well into the future.

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