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Is Your Toothbrush in Need of Sanitizing?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by City Smiles DC
Is Your Toothbrush in Need of Sanitizing?Maybe you've recently been to your local grocery store and browsed the toothbrush aisle. While you were there, you may have stumbled upon a product you've never seen before: toothbrush cleaner.

You may have thought to yourself if you really need to clean your toothbrush or not. Maybe you've been doing it wrong all along. Maybe you really do need to clean your brush.

Removing excess bacteria from your toothbrush may seem like a good idea, but is it just a waste of money? Studies have shown our brushes are often pretty dirty utensils, but cleaning them isn't always necessary. In general, the only time you would need to sanitize your brush is when you've become sick. However, a safer bet is to toss your brush and get a new one. In fact, the American Dental Association advises that it's unnecessary to sanitize your brush at all.

How Do I Keep My Brush Clean Than?

If you're still worried about the cleanliness of your brush, there are some steps you can take to avoid getting sick from it. The first step is to make sure you properly dry your brush after every use. We recommend rinsing your brush and then flicking off excess water after you're done. You can also store your brush in an upright position, so it dries out quicker. Next, make sure to store your toothbrush in a cool environment. Bacteria in our mouth like warmer conditions. A cooler environment will stop its growth.

If you take these steps, you shouldn't have to worry about ever sanitizing your toothbrush. To make sure you never get sick from your brush, we also recommend that you toss it every three to four months. If you'd like to ask more questions, please call our office. We'd be happy to help you!

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