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Do You Need to Have No Remaining Teeth to Get Dentures?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by City Smiles DC
Do You Need to Have No Remaining Teeth to Get Dentures?There are many types of dental restorations to choose from to replace lost teeth depending on the number of teeth lost. But dentures are an ideal replacement option for teeth loss of any degree, though that doesn't necessarily imply that it's always the best tooth replacement option. Dental restoration choices should always be made in the light of results from a careful dental examination at our offices. Read on to find out how best dentures can be used to restore your lost teeth depending on your unique situation.

Common Ways That Dentures are Used to Replace Lost Teeth

The first thing you should know about dentures is that they come in two main categories: partial and full dentures. As their names imply, a partial denture is designed to replace a certain number of teeth while a full denture replaces an entire set of teeth. They're usually made from plastics products like porcelain or metallic materials. They're custom made, designed specifically for the user's dentition.

If you lost only a tooth, a few teeth, or molars and premolars, you can opt for a fixed bridge. A fixed bride is a device made up of dental crowns and a false tooth sandwiched in-between them. The dental crowns - tooth-shaped caps worn on teeth to reinforce them externally - are mounted on either end of the space created by the lost teeth. The foisted dental crowns then hold the false tooth in place of the lost tooth, drawing support from the surrounding natural teeth. Alternatively, you can opt for adhesive bridges, which come with 'wings' that bind the false teeth to the back of supporting teeth.

For permanent restorations, you need dental implants. We can also use dental implants in combination with partial dentures and your natural teeth, depending on your unique needs. Ultimately, the right restoration depends on your unique personal needs. Visit our offices today and let's use our steep expertise to recommend the restoration best-suited to your unique needs.

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