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Tongue Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Some Instances of Bad Breath

Posted on 8/10/2020 by City Smiles DC
Tongue Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Some Instances of Bad BreathDo you wonder why you still have halitosis, even when you brush and floss daily? If so, you can benefit from getting a tongue scraper. After all, the bacteria that cause tooth decay can collect on the tongue as well. Therefore, having a tongue scraper can prevent you from getting bad breath too.

How Tongue Scraping Prevents Bad Breath

Because dead cells, food debris, and bacteria accumulate on the tongue over time, bad breath is normally the result. Using a tongue scraper can prevent this from happening, provided you scrape the tongue after each time you eat. You just cannot use it once a day and expect it to work. If you eat again, the bacteria will start to build up. Therefore, you have to use the scraper again to keep the tongue clean. By using a tongue scraper after you eat, you can reduce the incidence of Lactobacilli and Mutans streptococci bacteria in the mouth, both which cause cavities and bad breath.

How Do You Scrape the Tongue?

One study has suggested that tongue scraping proves to be more reliable for removing mouth odor than brushing, so it pays to spend the extra time scraping the tongue. To scrape the tongue properly, stand before the mirror and stick out your tongue. Gently place the rounded part of the scraper toward the back of the tongue. To prevent a gag reflex, you may want to begin in the middle first until you get used to scraping. Scrape from the back gently and move forward to the tip of the tongue. It takes about two minutes to scrape your tongue if you do it right. Wipe away the debris from the scraper and wash the tool after you are done.

Most tongue scrapers are relatively inexpensive (around $10), so they prove to be a reliable dental investment. You can get plastic or metal scrapers. Check to make sure the scraper's edge is even before you use it to prevent scratches or injuries. Don't scrape too hard. Gently scrape the tongue to remove build-up. If you have more questions about tongue scraping, give us a call. Contact us anytime with any dental questions or concerns.

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