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How to Keep Your Mouth Healthier During the Flu Season

Posted on 9/7/2020 by City Smiles DC
How to Keep Your Mouth Healthier During the Flu SeasonThe flu season is seemingly inevitable, and most people have their own ways of avoiding the nasty bugs common to the season. Sometimes, it is easy to overlook oral health during this season, so we have compiled some necessary measures to keep your mouth healthy.

Maintain Your Day-to-Day Oral Care Routine

Maintaining your oral health can be very easy when you already have a great routine established. If you do not, all you need is brush twice a day and make sure floss. Scheduling regular dental checkups can also be highly beneficial, too. Exhaustion can keep you from doing this - especially when you have caught the flu - , but just persevere and you will be grateful for the tradeoff of good oral health. Also, practice good oral hygiene habits, such as not sharing your toothbrush, especially when you are sick. It might even be best to replace your toothbrush after having the flu, as it is more prone to concealing disease-causing germs.

Be Sure to Hydrate

During the flu season, the best fluid for your body and mouth is actually water! While it is popular to combat flu with ginger ale or drinks with potent levels of vitamin C, water is actually the safest and best option. Most of these drinks are acidic, which means they are not great for healthy teeth. Also, staying hydrated means you will be avoiding dry mouth. If you have a stuffy nose, certain medications (and having to breathe through your mouth) can leave your mouth dry. Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, it is also bad for the teeth, so make sure to stay hydrated to help saliva flow in your mouth.

Choosing Healthy Medication

Flu syrups and cough drops often have sugar to help mask the flavor of the drugs. Sugar can cause cavities, especially when retained in the mouth for a while. We advise that you go for unsweetened medication, if possible. For kids and grownups who may need these sugary medicines, be certain you rinse or brush later to eliminate lingering sugar. If you are not sure about your medication, or if you would like more tips on keeping a healthy mouth during flu season, please call us for more information.

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