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Identifying a Cracked Tooth and Getting Treatment

Posted on 1/25/2021 by City Smiles DC
Identifying a Cracked Tooth and Getting TreatmentIf you have cracked a tooth, it may be a superficial injury affecting the ename, or it may be a deep injury that affects the tooth root. A cracked tooth may not cause you any discomfort when your mouth is relaxed but you may feel jolts of pain when you bite or chew from that teeth or when you place something hot or cold in your mouth.

At City Smiles DC, Dr. Stuart Ross and Dr. Olga Spivak recommend you get an appointment with them as soon as you notice a cracked tooth.

Types of Cracked Teeth and Their Treatments

There are several different types of cracked teeth and they should be treated in different ways:

A Simple Cracked Tooth

A simple crack in your tooth may be seen as a craze line. This type of crack is usually on the visible surface of the tooth and may not require treatment. However, to be on the safe side, you should get it evaluated. We can help you polish your tooth to smooth out jagged or rough spots and improve the appearance of your tooth.

A Serious Cracked Tooth

If the crack in your tooth is serious, it may extend from your crown down to the tooth root. A serious crack may also remove the outer enamel layer, exposing the dentin or even the dental pulp, causing your tooth to bleed. This tooth crack is often painful.

A Split Tooth

Sometimes, a tooth may fracture vertically. If such a crack occurs in one of your molars, we may be able to save one or two roots of your molars. However, if the split is severe, we may need to remove the tooth and have it replaced with a dental bridge or an implant.

A Split Root

This type of tooth crack occurs only in the root of the tooth and may not be visible from above. However, you will know something is wrong with your tooth because it is very painful and is often accompanied by infection and inflammation. In many cases, tooth extraction and replacement is the only option.

At City Smiles DC, Dr. Stuart Ross and Dr. Olga Spivak will use x-rays and special tools to check your teeth for potential cracks. Typically, bonding and veneers can fix a simple crack. However, if the fracture damages the tooth pulp, a root canal may be necessary. If the crack splits your root, the tooth may need to be removed.

If you have a painful tooth or see a crack in our tooth, schedule an appointment by calling us at (202) 223-6300 today. We can diagnose the problem and treat you appropriately.

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