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Basic Guide to Dental Instruments

Posted on 3/22/2021 by City Smiles DC
Basic Guide to Dental InstrumentsAs a dental patient, you may have seen your dentist use several tools for treating your dental condition. Some of these tools appear terrifying and can give patients undue anxiety.

It's imperative that dentists do their best to make their patients' experience as painless as possible. When you know what the instruments are used for, you will definitely be less apprehensive of them. Here is a basic guide on dental tools:

Mouth Mirror

This instrument is a small mirror fixed to a metal stick and looks a bit frightening. It can be placed inside the mouth at different angles to thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. A mouth mirror can easily detect oral problems, such as signs of tooth decay. It also allows a dentist to move your tongue or push your inner cheek without having to use their fingers.

Sickle Probe

A sickle probe may look scary, but it is simply an instrument that is used to detect indications of cavities or gum disease. It is essentially a long handle with a sharp-looking hook attached to one end. Dentists use these explorers to check the pockets between your teeth and scrape away any plaque or tartar that is found.

Suction Device

There are two major suction devices, namely the saliva ejector and suction device. The saliva ejector can be identified as a J-shaped hollow tube that has low suction capacity. It can be hung over your lower teeth to draw out saliva and water. The other suction device is more powerful and is used to suck tartar, tooth fragments, and old fillings from your mouth.

Dental Drill

A dental drill is commonly used to remove tooth decay before filling. It also sprays water while the drill cuts into your teeth. The water prevents the drill from heating up, which could lead to tooth damage. Drilling can be uncomfortable and even painful at times. Dentists may use a local anesthetic to provide relief.
Each dental tool has a unique purpose and is important for ensuring good oral health. If you are suffering from a toothache, schedule an appointment with us at City Smiles DC by calling us at City Smiles DC today.

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