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Signs You Could Benefit from a Ridge Augmentation

Posted on 6/7/2021 by City Smiles DC
Signs You Could Benefit from a Ridge AugmentationOur teeth are held in place by our roots which are anchored to our jawbone. The roots and the jawbone work together. When we lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted, the jawbone is no longer working with the root. Consequently, the bone under the missing tooth begins to shrink.

If there is too much bone loss, it is impossible to place a dental implant in the place where the tooth once was in place. The implant tooth would sit below the level of the other teeth as the gumline has fallen due to bone loss. Using other dental appliances in that space are impossible as well. The gumline has dipped down and any dental system could not be supported. A ridge augmentation is a preventative measure to keep the integrity of the gumline for future tooth replacement.

Other Benefits of Ridge Augmentation

Bone loss can happen for other reasons as well. Periodontal disease or other conditions which deteriorate the jaw can cause bone loss. Ridge augmentations can be performed on the upper or lower jaw and recontour your gum and jawline to what it was before the damage.

Ridge Augmentation can also help restore aesthetics, especially in the front part of the mouth, which is most noticeable. This is helpful for trauma patients or those who have had teeth missing for a while.

You may benefit from ridge augmentation. If you have missing teeth or have had extractions that you would like to replace with dental implants, this procedure could help restore bone loss so you can have teeth back in your mouth.

We would welcome the chance to discuss this option more with you. Perhaps you have questions you would like answered. Stop into our office or call to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff.
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