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What It Says About Your Oral Health When Chewing Hurts

Posted on 5/10/2021 by City Smiles DC
What It Says About Your Oral Health When Chewing HurtsIt should not hurt to chew when eating. If it does, you have a dental problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

What It Means When Chewing Hurts

If it hurts to eat foods or bite down and chew, you have an oral health condition that needs to be diagnosed—any tooth pain when chewing can result from neglecting regular at-home dental care. If you do not brush at least twice a day or floss daily, you can easily experience pain when you eat. This pain can be caused by enamel erosion, an infection of the root canal, deep decay, an abscess, or gum disease.

Do You Have Gum Recession?

Many times, when patients bite down and have problems chewing, it is due to gum recession. Gum recession is a condition where the gums pull away from the teeth. In turn, it is easier for plaque and bacteria to get below the gum line and cause further damage. This condition can be caused by gum disease or can develop if you brush your teeth too hard.

Deep Decay

Sometimes chewing will hurt because you have a large amount of decay or a deep cavity. When the decay goes beyond the enamel and dentin, you can develop serious dental problems, such as an abscess or a root canal infection. In either of these cases, you need to have the problem treated without delay. Again, chewing that is painful indicates that you are not taking care of your teeth and gums as you should.

Do you find it hurts to chew? If so, you need to schedule a dental appointment with our office today. Don't wait to book an exam and consultation. Any type of pain while chewing is not normal and should be diagnosed and treated. Give us a call today so we can find a time that will be convenient for you.

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