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Dental Crowns
Washington, DC

Here at City Smiles DC, we can help with all your crown needs. A crown is a covering that can be made out of multiple materials that can help replace a damaged or decayed tooth’s structure.

Crowns are the most common dental procedure. However, understanding crowns can be a bit confusing since there are so many other similar procedures available. They’re also known as jackets or caps since they cover the top of your tooth.

There are multiple reasons that might make you consider getting a crown. First of all, crowns can help cover teeth that don’t have a good shape or have gotten discolored. Since crowns can make teeth look better, they can also be used to straighten teeth, especially if it’s been either broken or damaged.

Additionally, when no other restoration method is available, we might suggest a crown to help protect your teeth if the damage turns out to be too severe. Crowns can also help to support teeth that have large fillings.

The added benefit of a crown is that it can be combined with other procedures. So if you have a bridge, implant or root canal, you can get a crown to secure the bridge, cover the implant or even protect the tooth that has been weakened by a root canal.

Washington DC Woman - New Crowns

Before crowns image of patient's failing amalgam fillings
After picture of Creamic Crowns placement in three lower quadrant teeth

This patient came to us very apprehensive and in extreme pain. She felt her mouth was a "landmine" and in the past cried at every visit. She mentioned that other doctors have overwhelmed her when diagnosing. Dr. Stuart Ross took his time and has divided her treatment plan into phases. The pictures shown here are the lower quadrant. This patient's amalgam fillings were failing and needed to be replaced. We used CAM/CAD technology to mill crowns from a ceramic block and completed all three teeth in one appointment!

How Does the Procedure Work?

Just like most dental procedures, crowns are a multi-step process, yet it’s not difficult at all. The most important step is making sure it fits properly into the tooth it will be used to cover.

First, we will take x-rays to properly examine the roots of the tooth. Then, that tooth is filed down to make room for the crown. How much gets filed will vary depending on the material that will be used to make the crown.

After the tooth has been filed, an impression of your tooth will be taken either manually using a mold or through a digital scan to create a virtual mold of your tooth’s dimensions. Afterward, we will provide you with a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent one to be ready.

Once your final crown is ready, we’ll meet at the office again and remove the temporary crown. Once we double check that the final one perfectly matches your other teeth in both color and fit, it will be cemented into place. You will still keep your natural tooth under the crown.

What Can a Crown be Made Of?

Crowns tend to be made out of porcelain, metal or a combination of both, so you have multiple options to work with. Stainless steel tends to be used in temporary crowns since it’s cheap, but it’s not visually-appealing at all. Noble metals such as gold or platinum are very popular materials too, but they also stand out.

Ceramic, all-porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal are the most popular ones since they can be made to match your teeth color and end up looking like actual teeth.

Read more about crowns, caps and CEREC® Crowns.

To get more information on crowns and your options, feel free to call the experienced professionals here at City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300 today!

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Looking for dental crowns in Washington DC? At City Smiles DC, we can help with all of your crown needs. Crowns can help cover teeth that don't have a good shape or have become discolored.
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