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Tooth Removal
Washington, DC

Here at City Smiles DC, we can help with your tooth removal. Our team is made up of professionals who are willing to make your experience pain free.

There are many situations that can warrant the removal of a tooth. Tooth removal is the extraction of one or more teeth from the mouth as a treatment for infections or diseases. Sometimes, teeth are removed in preparation for orthodontia, which straightens uneven teeth. Also, severe mouth infections can cause excessive decay to the gum and eventually spread to the inner nerves of the tooth causing it to become unstable. In this case, the best solution is for us to remove the affected teeth.

Sometimes, tooth removal can be performed if the immune system is not as strong as it used to be. This process is to reduce the risk of infection that may happen due to the weakened active system. Some major surgery which can expose people to infections may also need the removal of teeth.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before the procedure is carried out, we will give you a local anesthetic. This makes sure that you feel no pain during the extraction. The anesthetic will be injected into the area where the tooth to be removed is located. The procedure will be pain-free. Once in a while, there is a need to give a strong anesthetic to provide real protection from severe pain that may occur if the tooth is impacted. The supporting tissues and bones are then being detached from the tooth to make it easy to remove as the tooth will now stand alone. With the use of forceps, we will pull the tooth lightly back and forth until its root becomes loose.

When the ligaments and bone release their grasps from the tooth, we will then gently remove the tooth. Sometimes, a tooth would have to be broken down into pieces before it can be removed. This happens when the tooth is hard to pull away from its ligaments. The broken pieces are then removed one by one.

After the tooth has been pulled out, the location may start to bleed, and a gauze pad will be put on it for you to bite. This will stop the bleeding automatically. In some occasions, the area would need to be stitched up, but this is quite rare. Once in a while, there is excessive bleeding as the blood loosens in the socket. If this happens, the socket will be dressed in sedative until another clot is formed.

After an Extraction Procedure

After the procedure, make sure you use the painkillers prescribed to you at the right time. Also, if a gauze pad has been placed on the socket, bite gently on it regularly to ensure a new blood clot forms. The pads should be changed continuously as soon as they are soaked. You can also place an ice pack on the location immediately after the procedure to prevent it from swelling. Do not get involved in any physical activity within the first 24 hours. Additionally, avoid smoking and eating hard foods until the location is properly healed.

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To know more about tooth removal, contact City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300.

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At City Smiles DC, we can help with your tooth extraction if needed. Our team is made up of professionals who can help make your experience pain free.
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